March 20, 2017


The team seeks sponsorships and grants from businesses like you to help cover the expenses and greatly appreciates the generosity of all sponsors.

$100 Donation ~ Your company/family name will be listed as a team sponsor on our websites, brochures and team giveaways at future presentations and competitions.
$500 Donation ~ Your company’s logo or family name will be featured on our team’s website, shirt, brochures and giveaways as a team sponsor.
$1,000 Donation ~ Your company’s logo or family name will be featured on our team’s website, shirt, brochures and giveaways, as well as our sponsor banner that will be displayed in our team’s pit area at competitions and all future team presentations.

The success of our team and our diverse outreach is dependent on the financial support we receive from our sponsors. We would like you to be one of our 2017 sponsors. The grants we receive help us pay for registration at various competitions, parts, and equipment. The money is also used in our outreach as we mentor budding teams and introduce children to robotics.

2017 Team Outreach Needs:
 2 Lego EV3 Mindstorms Core Sets with software packs ($443.95 each)
4 Lego EV3 Large Motors ($25.95 each)
Crafting supplies for presentations & team outreach ($500)

2017 FIRST World Championship Team Needs:
$6500 Lodging and Food for 10 team members for 5 nights ($6500 @ $150 per night)
$4000 Air Tickets for 10 members ($400 each)
$1,180 registration fee
$300 Project Enhancement
$300 Robot Enhancement

No matter the size of your potential donation, any amount will help us meet our current fundraising goals for the 2017 competition season. Participation on a FIRST Lego League team is nothing short of life changing in the skills and level of confidence generated. Team members are challenged to think like scientists and engineers, connect with community professionals, trouble shoot and develop innovations all the while learning to work together as a team. An investment in our team is an investment in the future of our community!

I hope that you will become part of Team Tacobot’s success. You can reach us through our team email for sponsorship opportunities.

Please make your contribution TODAY!