March 20, 2017


Our robot for 2016/2017 season is called Da Foot

A reusable engine with an innovative strategy to complete the robot run quickly and efficiently.

The unique feature of the robot is that it has no drive wheels. It wears different ‘shoes’ or drive wheels based on the tasks. In some tasks, it wears ‘sneakers’ to go fast and through narrow spaces ( like performing the service dog mission ) and in others it wears ‘high heels’ to go effortlessly over the ramp.
Our robot wore different shoes to complete various runs across the field.

Checkout Da Foot in action !

  • Our robot for 2015/2016 season was called ‘The Gobbler’

    It was named the gobbler because it consumed so many lego pieces and had to go on a diet to shed weight.

    It had a built in one way door to consume mission models while navigating the field.

    Checkout The Gobbler in action