June 11, 2018


Our First Tech Challenge robotics team is looking to add members.


Who are we:

Team Tacobots (FTC #11099) has been participating in various FIRST Programs and has advanced to World championship and Invitationals.

The team operates a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to encourage STEM activities locally and globally.

About FIRST Tech Challenge:

Feel intimidated by robotics or think robotics is not for you?  Fear not…We are looking for a variety of non/semi-technical roles.

Being in an FTC  Team is more than building/programming robots. No startup succeeded by just engineers and programmers.

Prior experience with robotics, especially FIRST,  is preferred but not necessary for these roles.

  • Outreach & Social Media Managers
  • Business/Finance/Fundraising : Would you like to develop skills for running a non-profit org ?
  • Engineering notebook  ( Think Editors, Authors, Copywriters)

These roles require prior FTC experience

  • Designer ( Knowledge of CAD necessary)
  • Robot builder
  • Programmer

Time Commitment:

Some roles need more time commitment than others (roughly 6-10 hours per week) during the school year. FTC Competition season runs from August to March. We also meet during offseason(summer break) for skill building.

We are a competitive team. Members will be relied upon by their teammates to participate to the best of their abilities.  They will also need time in the schedule for those periods when extra practices are necessary and when outreach events and other activities come up.  These extra activities are typically foreseen one week to one month or more ahead of time.

Financial Commitment:

It’s not cheap to do robotics. Talk to us and we can discuss if finance is a concern or a barrier.

if you think education is expensive, try ignorance

How to apply

Please fill the google form.  Our team will review and get back to you.