January 21, 2020


Last year, we incorporated a Non-Profit and started an organization called Invent the Future to change the diversity equation in STEM.

We live in California which is one of the richest and most affluent state in the union.  It was eye-opening to us that in the middle of the Silicon Valley – in our community where we live, there is a SHOCKING amount of inequality.

Our primary outreach focus MUST be focused in our own community where the need is greatest.

  • Engage in sustained and deep, long-lasting impact
  • Workshops help and serve a good purpose, but long-lasting impact takes persistence and commitment.
  • The underprivileged community needs more than a demo of the robot to succeed.

Our mission is to cultivate widespread literacy in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by bringing STEM curriculum to the underprivileged and underrepresented by encouraging them to pursue STEM while developing vital life, career, and leadership skills.  

Together we want to change lives for a Brighter Future Tomorrow!