Visit to UC Berkeley


As a part of the FLL outreach program, our team wanted to visit universities and companies that were working in the robotics field. The Tacobots sent out several requests to outreach programs and were lucky enough to be invited by the University of California at Berkeley’s Robotic labs. We were super excited to see research and innovations at Berkeley labs.

On March 18th the Tacobots traveled to Berkeley to get a firsthand look at their exciting and interesting robotic technology. First, they led us into their work stations. They showed us their robot named BRETT. Its purpose was to complete mundane tasks in our lives. They showed BRETT knotting a rope and folding a towel autonomously. They used python to code their robot. The robot was comparing the images of the rope and cloth to multiple images it had already seen and step by step completed the task. Then we showed them our robot design and project, and its purpose. They gave us their feedback and loved our solution and the fact that we were tackling a real world problem of E-waste. This was an interesting experience since one of the robotic students participated in FLL when he was a student in India- this sparked his passion for robotics. This was an enriching experience for the Tacobots and we loved the trip.

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