Established 2015 in Mission San Jose, Fremont, California.


Winner of the “Core Values” award at the Niles Qualifier.

2016 FLL Norcal Champions

First place winner at the First Lego League Northern California Championships.

2016 FLL World Championship

Selected to Attend the Prestigious St. Louis FIRST World Championship


Winner of the “Robot Design” award at the Norcal Championship


Winner of the “Judges Award” at the San Jose Play space qualifier

2017 FLL Invitational

Invited to the prestigious Razorback North America Open Invitational FLL Championship

About Us

"We like tacos, legos, robots, and having fun!"
It's raining tacos!

We are a family of FIRST Robotics Teams based in Fremont, CA.

The Tacobots family was started in Spring of 2015 and has been growing ever since.

We hope you find our website interesting and informative. We also have an old site that you may wish to visit at Clash of Trash.

  • rowdy

    We're a little wild... after all, we're still kids.

  • hard work

    But we work hard, because we want to do the best we can...

  • fun

    ...but not too hard, because we're 100% fun!


Yup, here we are... Team Tacobots!
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Super Duper Builder
#Wanna taco ‘bot robot building?
I am the the builder of the team. I like to build and make attachments for the robot. FLL has been inspiring, fun, and educational; and I hope that I continue to learn more in my next few years.
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Chief Troublemaker
#Let’s taco ‘bot Tacobots!
I like to just build off of an original idea or to experiment with something I already made to see how I can fix it. I honestly think that all of my teammates are awesome and are different than me, but also alike.
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The Bookworm
#Read, Build, Sleep, Repeat
I am the researcher of the team. FLL has taught me a great deal about working together as a team, building and programming robots, and how we can use our unique skills to increase our productivity.
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The Astonishing Master
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The Gallivanter
#Loves Traveling
I like hanging out with my friends, playing the piano, dancing, drawing, texting with my friends, eating good food, and reading books. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. This is my first year in FLL and I got to learn about animals which can help me in the future.
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The Philotherianism
#Love animals
I love to play with legos and experiment building new things. In FLL, I learned about different strategies to use, programming, and how to work with different people. I improved on public speaking, creating ideas, and building robots with an EV3 kit.
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Jedi Master
#These ARE the bots you are looking for…
I am one of the programmers on the team. I like to program because doing what adults do is just fun. FLL taught me lots of things, such as, working as a team, programming, and gracious professionalism.
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Programmer Extraordinaire
#I came. I saw. I programmed.
I am the programmer of the team. I love to joke around and have fun while working with my teammates. I have learnt public speaking, advanced robotics programming, teamwork and cooperation to solve problems through the robotics program.
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Lead Gear Specialist and Taco Enthusiast
#You don’t need circles when you have tacos!
I have been playing with Legos ever since I could understand directions, and now I can show others what I can do with that knowledge.
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“El Maestro” Builder
#It’s only work if someone makes you do it!
I am a lego enthusiast. I love building and am constantly amazed at how the same pieces can come together in so many different ways! I am having a blast solving problems and working with my team. We work hard and play hard.
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Grand Mythical Mathematician
#Every day is taco Tuesday with the Tacobots!
I built the base of our robot “The Gobbler”. I like to hangout with my team and have fun with robots and programming. In the future I thrive to excel in the field of STEM.
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The Robot Whisperer
#May the force of the Tacobots be with you.
I am one of the robot builders on the team. I have always liked to build robots, and FLL gave me a chance to work with my team to solve real world problems. I am passionate about STEM, and will continue in the same path.
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The Canophilia
#Live to program.
When I want to grow up, I would like to be either an engineer or a physicist. FLL taught me teamwork, programming, building robots and attachments, and the balance between work and play making my dream a step closer.
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Robot Router Royale
#Eat Tacos. Program Robots. Have fun. Repeat.
I am a car enthusiast. Ask me any car and I’ll tell you all about it. I work to align the robot at the right angle so it can go right where it is supposed to go. I really enjoy working with my teammates.
Our team alumni "Tacobots Team Bee - FLL TEAM 2016" featuring Aarav, Devansh, Ishan, Nikhil, Aarna, Rajorshi, Aamod, Arav (from Left to Right)

Our team "Tacobots FTC TEAM 2016" featuring Mrinaal, Jeffrey, Ryan, Ansh, Vikrant, Darsh and Jonathan (from Left to Right)

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